• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you have any flea medications?

      Yes, we have Frontline and Advantage for sale at the shelter for $15 each.

    • When is the next Spay/Neuter Clinic?

      Spay/Neuter clinics are by appointment only, clinics are held once a month. Call the shelter for information on the next clinic date.

    • My cat/dog needs their nails clipped.

      We do nail trimming on Tuesday, by appointment only, from 11am-1pm.  Nail trimming costs start at $10.

    • Is the shelter open on holidays?

      The shelter is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas and open all other holidays. Dog walkers are welcome even on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • Do you have a vaccination clinic?

      We don't have any vaccination clinics scheduled at this time. We do have plans for future clinics, so please check back with us.

    • Do you have a wellness clinic?

      At this time we are unable to provide a basic wellness clinic. 

    • Do you have a vet on site?

      No, we do not have a vet on site. Basic wellness, vaccines, and spay/neuter appointments are available only when we have a vet at the shelter. 

    • Do you take birds?

      We do not take birds.
      For other birds or animals, contact Willamette Wild Life Rehab 541-485-8440.
      For large wild birds, in the Florence area, contact Maria at Raptor Rescue 541-999-9139.