• Our Foster Care Program

    Foster homes are important because they help alleviate stress on the shelter’s capacity, staff, and resources. Fosters can provide invaluable information about an animal’s temperament and training, making it easier to match the animal with an appropriate adoptive home.

    Foster homes provide temporary care for pregnant animals and their newborn offspring until they're old enough to be spayed or neutered. They care for animals who are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery; special needs animals such as diabetics, cats with FIV, etc.; animals who are so shy or traumatized that they need to receive extra attention in a quiet, low stress environment; and small dogs when foster homes are available. 

  • Hospice care providers are a special group of foster volunteers who give end-of-life care for terminally ill shelter animals. Hospice is for animals diagnosed by a veterinarian with a life-limiting, non-contagious illness. While these animals are not in pain and their symptoms can be appropriately managed, their medical condition and poor prognosis, limit their chances for adoption. Hospice foster care provides an opportunity for them to comfortably spend their final days, living in dignity and comfort.

    The shelter will provide food, crate, litter pan, collar, leash, harness and record forms. Medical care includes worming, vaccinations, flea treatments, spay/neuter services, routine medical treatments, and contacts for emergency medical treatment.

    All animals in foster care will be reviewed by a veterinarian on a regular basis. During these visits, the animal will be evaluated for general improvement and growth. The shelter will determine the intervals of the reviews. Foster care providers are required to keep records on the progress of their foster animal and of procedures done at home such as worming and flea treatments.

    Potential foster care providers will be required to complete volunteer and foster applications and attend a volunteer orientation session. They will need to provide proof that their own animals have been altered and have current vaccinations.

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