• Resources for Pets

  • Disaster Preparedness

    During a major emergency disaster, not only do people need to prepare for their survival but they also need to prepare for the survival of their pets. Most disaster shelters still do not accept pets. Telephone contacts may not be available and you do not know when or where disaster may strike. If you are not home at the time, how will your pets be provided for, a friend, neighbor, family member? So it is important that you create a plan both for yourself, your family and your family pets.

    Click on this link for emergency planning for pets, from the Department of Homeland Security. The article explains how to make a pet and animal emergency plan, and also provides tips and planning tools for your plan. Pet Emergency Planning

    Below are links to downloadable information sheets for cats and dogs to help you collect the supplies you will need to care for them in the event of a major disaster. You may print as many as you need for each of your pets, complete them and keep them with your survival supplies.

    Dog Emergency Card 

    Cat Emergency Card

  • Dog Licensing

    We do not issue dog licenses at the shelter.
    Please choose the link below to find out where and how to license your dog.

    City of Florence

    Lane County

  • Humane Education